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Why avocado?

We are setting a new standard for the quality of ingredients used in beauty products. We believe that what we put on our body should be healthy to put in our body - so we committed to using ingredients that can do both! Avocado is a superfood we love to eat and use in our hair products! 

Avocados help keep your hair and scalp healthy. They contain high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants, that provide nourishment, shine, strength and protection for your hair - especially for dry or damaged curls. Avocado is rich in A, C, D, E, K vitamins, proteins, fats and B Group vitamins too which are all important for healthy hair growth and maintenance. 

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our story

I used AVOCURL Daily Moisturizer after washing my locs and absolutely loved how it made my hair feel. My roots were springy, soft to the touch, easy to detangle, and overall left my hair with a healthy shine.

- Shantel

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